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The management of Sonia Cotton Ginning Pressing Factory & Oil Mills Sindh Province Pakistan has been involved in the cotton, rice, maize, and perishable products trade over the years.

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Quality Products

The key to Quality Production is Quality Material.

Our exports are growing every day with the entire satisfaction of our valued buyers.


Excellence in Cotton Production and Export

Our company excels in delivering quality cotton, rice, maize, and perishable products through a unique advantage – direct supply from our own production sites with integrated cotton-testing facilities. With sale/purchase offices strategically placed across Pakistan, we ensure a consistent and seamless supply to our clients. Our experienced marketing team, comprising professionals with a deep understanding of the international cotton and other market, facilitates our growing exports. Committed to building lasting relationships, we prioritize quality over transactions. Our extensive experience allows us to proactively address any issues, ensuring satisfaction. Specializing in raw cotton, rice, maize, and perishable products, our exports reach regions like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam, showcasing our commitment to excellence.

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